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HMRC(MLR) Registration

UK’s tax and customs authorised organisation, responsible for making sure that the money is available to reserve the UK’s public services and helping people and individuals with targeted financial support. Through our customs service, we facilitate legitimate trade and protect our economic, social and physical security.


If anyone within the business has suspicion of alleged money laundering it must be reported to HMRC in an appropriate channel. Hence it is obligatory for businesses to register with HMRC for Money Laundering Reporting purposes.

We provide ML registration services for following businesses.

  •  Money Remitters
  • Bureau De Change
  • Estate Agents Service.

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AML Policies and Procedures Preparations

Regulated business must continue to combat money laundering across the world. Therefore, Firms must have efficient and effective Anti-Money Laundering Policies in place and continue to monitor the improvement of policies in order to be fully compliant with Money Laundering Act.Our experienced compliance team can guide you in preparation of AML policies and procedures that is based on the circumstances of your firm at a very competitive rate.Please contact us to arrange a meeting with our compliance team about your AML policies.

Risk Assessment

Firms regulated by MLR 2017 must assess the risk of their business being exploited by money launderers. Various risk assessment approach may be undertaken. However, HMRC recommends risk based approach to be given priority over other approaches. Our compliance team are very experienced in assessing risk of money laundering and we can assess money laundering risk your business are exposed to and recommend how you may eliminate it. Please contact us to speak to one of our compliance team member to discuss money laundering risks.

On-going Monitoring of Business

Money Laundering Regulation 2017 requires business to implement on-going monitoring system to assess and reduce money laundering risks. Often a qualified and independent firm are appointed to perform on-going monitoring system to give credibility on risk assessment. We provide on-going monitoring service to ensure money service businesses are compliant with anti-money laundering regulations. Please contact us for more information on on-going monitoring services.

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