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A regulated business that carries out financial services required to comply with Money Laundering Regulations and one of the fundamental requirement of that Act is the employer must provide a training session on money laundering to all its employees in a regular basis by an authorised trainer. It is a best practice to select a trainer who is qualified and has good experience in providing money laundering training, understands the nature and circumstances under which a business operates and provide training session focussing on the specific risk the business counter. Our compliance trainers are one of the best team in the industry on the provision of money laundering training and we can assure you about the high quality of our services at a competitive price. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our compliance trainer.

Financial crime prevention

Financial crimes are conducted in numerous forms and it has become a great challenging issue for regulators and authorities to rain down on these types of crime. The banks and other financial institutions are paying out billions of dollars for failing to discourage and prevention of financial crimes. Examples in recent time are the imposition of penalty charges for LIBOR and FX market manipulation. Awareness of financial crimes and its associated consequence greatly deters employees and management from associating themselves with any kind of financial crimes. We provide a training session on financial crime by our experienced trainers. Please contact us if you need more information about how we provide training on financial crime.

International Compliance Training​

If you or your business is involved in providing regulated services, you are required to be compliant with often intricate laws and regulations that are sometimes unknown to general people. FCA and other regulatory bodies require the organisation to train its employees and senior management team and implement an on-going monitoring system. At Acumen, our global compliance trainers are excellent in providing compliance training services to any firm.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Acumen Accountants and Global Compliance Ltd, Risk and Compliance training program is designed to achieve your organisational objectives by providing your staff with valuable knowledge of good governance practices, balanced governance structure, and effective risk management technique. The training will increase your organisations account credibility to investors as you will be adopting part of the UK Corporate Governance Code. Our experienced governance and risk management trainers can deliver cutting edge training to employees, senior management and board members. Please contact us for more information about our training programs.

Data Protection Management

The Data Protection Act 1998 governs the way information is collected, stored and used by any organisation. If your organisation collects data from the public you must comply with the Data Protection Act. Our training program can assist you in fully understanding data protection regulations and its associated risks any organisation may be exposed to and how the risks may be eliminated. Please contact us to know more information about our training program on data protection management.
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